What if I have a trade in?

We will negotiate the best possible trade in value for your vehicle at the dealership, usually the car will need to be present to get a valid appraisal. Elite Auto Consulting also can also assist in privately selling your vehicle for a reasonable fee.

How will your service save me money?

Elite Auto Consulting has inside knowledge of all of the rebates and dealer incentives which maximize profits for car dealers if not utilized by the customer.                                                                    We will use our knowledge of these rebates combined with our expertise in negotiating and auto sales to get you the BEST price possible on your next vehicle purchase.

How much money will you save me?

Our average customer saves $2000-$5000 off retail price on new cars.

Do you get paid by the dealerships?

We work ONLY in the best interest of our clients and refuse to accept payments or incentives from any dealerships.

What if my credit is less than perfect?

We work with you in helping to secure financing that is fair, while making sure you get the best rate possible.